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DigitalBooker is acquired by Visma

Dec 1st 2015

As of today DigitalBooker is part of the Visma family as Visma acquires all of DigitalBooker's stock.

DigitalBooker has in the past few years grown to be Finland’s largest online booking system, serving customers such as New Hairstore, Gigantti, Kämp Spa, Ruohonjuuri and Finnair. DigitalBooker was founded by Henrik Karlström and Fredrik Rönnlund in the year 2007. The services was built by Henrik from his home office during the years 2007 to 2011 with the clear goal of letting people manage their business’ time in an easier way.

"For us, the most important thing when looking for a new owner was, that DigitalBooker’s new owner is as agile and customer-focused as the DigitalBooker that we’ve built during the years. Visma has clearly shown this with its team and services ", Henrik Karlström explains.

"The service has sold itself mostly due to a fantastic product, happy customers, successful peer-to-peer marketing and open communication. We were now at a point, where we wanted to grow it even further and needed larger shoulders to stand on. At Visma we found this common ground and a similar culture of getting things done. With Visma we can secure DigitalBooker’s growth and path upwards" Fredrik Rönnlund clarifies.

"- DigitalBooker’s current customers get an even stronger company behind them that can serve them in other needs besides online booking as well." Visma Passeli’s Managing Director Terhi Karasjärvi concludes.

Welcome to the next step in DigitalBooker's history! The future looks super bright!

- Your DigitalBooker and Visma team

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