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DigitalBooker Newsletter Nmbr 1 2010

Apr 6th 2010

Sell your services online!

Having a homepage in today's world is a must. You need it to communicate with your customers and tell them about the services you sell. But not giving them a possibility to buy straight off the Internet is wasted time and money. However, with the help of DigitalBooker's online reservation system you can sell you services in a similar fashion as traditional webshops help you to sell your products. And to top it all of, this will become even more crucial than before when the large age groups, the baby-boomers, shortly retire. These computer literate and active people have more time than ever, as well as the money to spend on services and activities, such as sports, wellness and beauty. It will be crucial to make it as easy as possible for them to buy not only your products but also your services on-line. Our goal in DigitalBooker has always been to help you sell your services better and here usability and aesthetics play a very central role. Contact us to hear more about how we could help you better.

Introducing our new homepage

We just released our new homepage earlier this week so that we could server our customers even better. In the design we strived for simplicity, but in a way that all the central information is available at one glance. Go and have a look at our new homepages at

At the same time we also renewed our pricing policy to be a fixed monthly fee. This was something that we have been thinking about for a long time and the main reasons were in making the pricing as transparent and easy to understand as possible. Our current customers can choose to go with their current pricing or switch to one of the new packages - whichever they choose. On top of it all, we also now include a 14 day free-of-charge trial period with no hooks attached, so try it out and tell your friends about it.

Next steps

Our rebranding has taken its first steps now thanks to the new website. We are also planning on launching a central portal for all your reservation needs and have great features planned for your end-customers. We feel that it is imperative for your booking process that your customers feel a part of your services. They are already now able to tell about their bookings on facebook and twitter but there will be other features as well, such as a "my own calendar stream" and openid login. You can follow us now on facebook and twitter so head over there to take part in the discussions and hear whenever something new happens.

Have a nice spring,

The DigitalBooker team

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DigitalBooker featured on Arctic Startup

Aug 12th 2010

The well known Finnish startup site Arctic Startup today featured a story about DigitalBooker on their site. Check out more on their site

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