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Gymstick is a company specializing in wellness and excercise services for companies and consumers as well as training instructors. Gymstick started using DigitalBooker about a year ago as a consequence to their rapid growth.

Gymstick's General Manager Tarja Lemström tells us how they started using DigitalBooker after evaluating other options. Tarja is a physiotherapist by education and having worked in the business for ten years she knew what she wanted from her online scheduling system.

As a result of strong and rapid growth our company needed a simple to use and crystal clear system for handling our schedules and classes. We looked for a system where we could manage both our classes as well as our employees' timeschedules. We also needed a customer register and an easy way for our customers to book online. - Tarja Lemström

DigitalBooker fit all these requirements and Tanja emphasizes how DigitalBooker replaces a dozen of different Excel sheets that were used previously and how everything now is in one central place together with DigitalBooker's powerful reporting tools.

We are using the customer facing public system only for a few of our customers and the ability to do this only for selected customers was a real powerful feature in DigitalBooker. The feedback from these customers has been really positive as well. - Tarja Lemström

To learn more about Gymstick, check out their webpage at

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