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Swedish Red Cross

Swedish Red Cross

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The Swedish Red Cross in Malmö uses DigitalBooker's online scheduling system since February 2014.

The most important task of the Red Cross in Malmö is to locally fill gaps in society that no other players is fulfilling in order to work towards an integrated society with minimized human suffering and a sustainable development.

When we started expanding our functionality we realized that we needed an online booking system to manage our four meeting rooms. The need was huge as we needed to coordinate over 40 different functionalities inside the local organization in an efficient way and in a way that all our volunteers could book the resources for the needs that they had. Jonathan Graf IT-, Administration- and Communication responsible.

The Red Cross in Malmö compared several different players, among them a free booking system which was praised for its usability. In the end DigitalBooker's system was the best one for them.

Support from the provider played a huge role in the system itself. As we will have so many different people using the system we saw it as imperative that we chose a system where we can count on support when we need it.

The booking system is today used for managing four meeting rooms in Kupan in Malmö, Sweden. These rooms are booked for meetings, trainings and many other purposes. Jonathan see the minimized operational work as one of the largest perks from having started to use DigitalBooker and an online booking system in general. Much less time is today used for managing everyday tasks than before.

Jonathan would recommend DigitalBooker to any NGO or other business with limited resources and a need to optimize their daily operational work and resource usage.

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