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Studio Tulijooga (literally "Fire Yoga") offers hot yoga in Helsinki, Finland with their focus on various workshops and coaching classes to enhance your overall wellbeing.

The founder of Tulijooga Pia Rydman moved on to be a fulltime yoga entrepreneur in 2011 and she tells how in the beginning the most challenging part was the variation in different classes that she organized. Sometimes the class was full and at other times there were no participants. And there was no pattern and it varied from day to day and week to week which was very frustrating when your heart was in it but the results were not what you expected.

For some time I kept a sign up over email where people emailed me if they were going to come or not, but it very soon became difficult to keep track of whom you had informed about a cancelled class and when to do that. I wanted to give my customers more choice and make the sign up process easy and automatic plus, not to forget, free my own schedule into improving my real job of running a yoga studio. That is why I decided get myself an online booking system. - Pia Rydman

Before starting her own Yoga studio, Pia did a long career in arranging company internal venues and this experience also proved to be of great importance when building Tulijooga into a successful business. Pia chose DigitalBooker thanks to its ease of use, affordable price and customer service. The choice was made in the Autumn of 2012 after which customers were within two weeks ready to start booking their own times online.

I evaluated various scheduling and booking services, but I didn't like their user interface or look and feel as much as I loved DigitalBooker's. - Pia Rydman

The new booking system has also received great feedback from Tulijooga's customers. They especially like the easiness of making a booking and that they only need to know their own email address to log in. Pia herself has also been very happy with DigitalBooker and tells how she has been able to try out different week schedules to see what works and what doesn't knowing that DigitalBooker will send out a cancellation message to the customer according to her rules if the class doesn't fill her criteria of e.g. 5 minimum participants 12 hours before the deadline. Pia continues:

I also like the fact that I can send a message to the customer about how many people are going to join the class with them, that my customers can read a description of each class before they sign up and that adding new classes to the system is as easy as it is - literally just by click my mouse once.

For a quick intro on what Tulijooga does, check out their webpage at and book your next yoga class in Helsinki already today at

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