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The next story in our series of customer cases, we're looking at VilliElo - a 10-person wellness and eco-center in Finland who have been leveraging DigitalBooker from the start.

The driving force behind VilliElo Taina Ruotsalainen tells us that she herself also only uses services that let you book online. The choice of getting an online booking system was thus easy - it was more of a choice between choosing what system to get.

Online Booking systems are of this day and age. They will save me time and nerves by not having to take bookings and cancel them over the phone. An online booking system also lowers the barrier for making a booking at all. - Taina Ruotsalainen

Taina had a look at several alternatives but the choice of selecting DigitalBooker in the end came down to three factors; 1) The system speaks your own language, in this case Finnish and is easy to use, 2) the system is versatile in its supported functionalities for both hairdressers as well as for group exercises and wellness services and 3) DigitalBooker's team was very helpful and active.

DigitalBooker's drive at the beginning of the collaboration was incredible. They really served us as first class citizens and wanted us as customers. You could say they went the extra mile for us. I greatly appreciate that DigitalBooker's employees could show their own personalities and took initiative to help us. A small flirt about my email footer also brought a smile upon my face and made the final choice easy to make. - Taina Ruotsalainen

VilliElo has a very vast portfolio of servies, from pilates and yoga to homeopathy, massage, Japanese footmassage, chocolate massage, classical massage and an ecological hairdressers. It goes without saying that the system needs to support all of this out of the box - and DigitalBooker does this and more.

When asked about the best sides in DigitalBooker Tanja mentiones that the fact that everyones' calendars are online in electronic form makes life so much easier. She can take bookings on the road whereever she is and check everyone's schedule when ever there is a need for it.

Our customers have been really happy and praised both our webpage and our booking system for its ease of use and visual appeal. We are seen outwards as a trusted partner which is exactly what we want to be. - Taina Ruotsalainen

Dive into VilliElo's wide scope of services on their homepage at or book your services direcly online at:

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