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How do I add my calendar to by Android device?

The easiest way to synchronize your DigitalBooker calendar with your Android device is to do it through your Google account using your computer.

* Copy the iCalendar webcal-address from your DigitalBooker account (Administartion > Location or Employees)

* Open up your Google Calendar in your computer's browser

* Paste the webcal address into "Add by URL" underneath "Other calendars"

* Make sure that your Android device is syncing its calendar from your Google account.

If you'd like to synchronize your iCal stream directly to your Android device, you need to use an external app such as iCalSync (

To synchronize your DigitalBooker calendar using Android s iCalSync:

* Copy the address of your calendar stream from DigitalBooker s administration page by pressing the link until a meny opens where you can chose "Copy link".

* Open the iCalSync application and create a new calendar by tapping the + sign.

* Paste the address you copied into the "URL" field.

* Choose a setting for the "Sync periods" option and save your configuration.

After this the calendar entries appear in you calendar application, for example Android s Google Calendar or Samsung s S Planner calendar.


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