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  • How do I use Payments?

    Payments app allows you to follow your payments and for example create statistics of different VAT-types and payments types in use.

  • How do I enable Online Payments?

    Online payments are currently only available in Finland. To enable online payments, first go to Administration -> App Store -> Payments and install the Online Payments app (note t...

  • Payments are displaying wrong VAT's. What to do?

    You can modify VAT's in Administration > Payments. If you cannot see the VAT section, install Payments from the App Store.

  • How can I define user-specific prices?

    You can offer user-specific prices by defining prices that are available for specific user groups. When a user belongs to the group and the users is logged in, the group price bec...

  • How to use Payment tag in Payments?

    Examples of Payment tag are credit card, internet banking or student card. When money will be deducted at the time of sell, Payment tag should be used. Mark down the payment tag t...

  • How to use Other payment types in Payments?

    Other payment types can be for example an old prepaid card. If money won't be deducted at the time of "sell", Other payment type should be used.

  • How do I delete a transaction?

    You can delete a transaction after deleting a payment. If you delete a sold prepaid, also it's transaction will be automatically deleted.

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