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DigitalBooker is acquired by Visma


As of today DigitalBooker is part of the Visma family as Visma acquires all of DigitalBooker's stock.

DigitalBooker has in the past few years grown to be Finland’s largest online booking system, serving customers such as New Hairstore, Gigantti, Kämp Spa, Ruohonjuuri and Finnair. DigitalBooker was founded by Henrik Karlström and Fredrik Rönnlund in the year 2007. The services was built by Henrik from his home office during the years 2007 to 2011 with the clear goal of letting people manage their business’ time in an easier way.

"For us, the most important thing when looking for a new owner was, that DigitalBooker’s new owner is as agile and customer-focused as the DigitalBooker that we’ve built during the years. Visma has clearly shown this with its team and services ", Henrik Karlström explains.

"The service has sold itself mostly due to a fantastic product, happy customers, successful peer-to-peer marketing and open communication. We were now at a point, where we wanted to grow it even further and needed larger shoulders to stand on. At Visma we found this common ground and a similar culture of getting things done. With Visma we can secure DigitalBooker’s growth and path upwards" Fredrik Rönnlund clarifies.

"- DigitalBooker’s current customers get an even stronger company behind them that can serve them in other needs besides online booking as well." Visma Passeli’s Managing Director Terhi Karasjärvi concludes.

Welcome to the next step in DigitalBooker's history! The future looks super bright!

- Your DigitalBooker and Visma team

Read the official press release

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Responsive web design

DigitalBooker 3.9 - Reponsive mobile optimized adminside


We're proud to announce, that your online booking system is now fully responsive and works equally well on both mobiles, tablets as well as laptops and desktop computers.

We've done lots of work in order for you to be able to manage your bookings, customers and marketing wherever you are, be it then on a train, in your office or at your home sofa, on any device you prefer.

In practice we've rearranged things in the menu, created new icons to depict longer words while on smaller screen sizes, enlarged popups so that they take the entire screen size while on smaller screens and started using mobile native UI components. We've also enlarged touch areas so it's easier for you to hit the functionality you want on touch screens. This way you always get the best experience on your device.

The end-result speaks for itself, so without further ado, just open up your own booking system and check it out for yourself.

On behalf of the DigitalBooker team,
Fredrik Rönnlund, CEO

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Version 3.8.7

Messages and smartgroups


Smartgroups are renewed

DigitalBooker is now even smarter than before! In the newest update we've enhanced the smart group functionality helping you create even more dynamic target audiences for your marketing and messaging. You can now for instance create a dynamic group that always consists of all your customers who have made over 10 bookings but haven't made one in the past 30 days, making it easier for you to keep your local customers loyal. On top of this you can immediately send them an SMS or export them to MailChimp for further email marketing, directly from within your customer register's lower left-hand corner.

Smartgroups are renewed

You can create your own smart groups from the lower left-hand corner of your customer register, from the cogwheel icon.

Calendar notifications

Not only did we renew the calendar visually, but we also added new messaging functionalities so that it's easier for you to keep contact with your employees and peers. There are two kinds of messages you can create create - the first one being for location bound messages that you can create directly from underneath Administration > Locations and the second one being postit notes. Internal communication is now even easier than before!

Admin messages between different locations

Campaign code followup

We've added a new statistics view for the campaign codes and added filtering for bookings so that you can easily find all bookings that have been done with a specific campaign code and import then easily for instance to excel.

The campaign code functionality is something that was built into the previous update and is a free installable app from the App Store. With it you can for instance in you Google Adwords or Facebook Ads link to your booking system with a specific campaign code such as and when a customer makes a booking the campaign code 'facebook2015' is automatically added to their booking. And this can then be used for creating your reports and following up on it in statistics.

The update also includes loads of smaller fixes. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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