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How do I define my locations?

You always need to have at least one location to which you can connect your workers and/or resources. Define your location by navigating through the main menu to Administration > Locations. Here you can change the address, phonennumber and other contact information for your existing locations by selecting your location and clicking on the Pen-icon in the top bar of the page. Alternatively, you can click on the Plus-icon to create a new location or the Trashbin-icon to delete the selected location. The address information of your location will automatically be added to all your email messages that confirm a booking for your customers so that your customers will have an easier time finding you after they've made a booking.

When you edit a location (by clicking on the pen-icon in the top part of the screen), please note the red questionmark icons next to some of the editable items. When hovering over these with your mouse you'll find extra information about that particular item.

Please not that it is very easy to create a hidden / secret location that only people that know about it will be able to find. By creating a hidden location, you can for instance create company internal events that only people with a direct link can find. In order to create a secret location, create a locations just as you would create any other location. Then edit two of its settings by clicking on the pen-icon; 1) "Www menu" and 2) "URL text". Change the Www menu setting so that the location is not visible in the Www menu to ensure that it is not listed on the customer side as normal locations would be. Also by changing its URL text you can change it into anything you want. E.g. by changing the URL text to "secret007" your customers will only find it under


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