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Navigation basics inside the system

The main menu of the system is located in the top left corner of the screen by clicking on the clock-icon/DigitalBooker logo. From here you will be able to navigate between your Calendar, Customer register Administration, Statistics and Www-settings. The Calendar view is DigitalBooker's main view and the place where you both make your bookings and view them. In the Customer register, you'll find all your customers and the place where you can make them into different groups for marketing- or other purposes. The Admin page is something you'll be familiarized with in the beginning but won't use that much in your daily work. You will define your locations, employees, resources, classes and services together with your email and SMS settings here. The Www settings page is for defining the look and feel for you public websystem that your customers will be using, together with anything that will change its settings. All views always have the same top bar and you can always navigate back and forth between views by pointing your mouse cursor on the clock-icon in the top left corner.

In the top righthand corener you'll find a logout button and the place from where you can change your language and send feedback and questions to us directly as well. Use this as your preferred way to contact us because then we will know where you are contacting us from and what you were doing inside the system. We're looking forward to your first message! ;)


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